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In conjunction with the installation of wind farms, MDB Marine presents a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate the seamless realisation of these ventures. Our adept assistance spans an array of critical tasks, encompassing the survey of the seabed, precision foundation positioning, and meticulous connection verifications with the floating foundations. Moreover, our operational expertise extends to encompassing the scrutiny of foundation structures, complemented by the potential anchoring procedures, if necessitated by the project’s parameters.

Beneath the water’s surface, our specialised capabilities unfold with a suite of inspections tailored to ensure the structural integrity and stability of the foundations. Our underwater inspections encompass both the foundation’s physical structure and the crucial anchoring mechanisms, offering a complete evaluation that aligns with the highest industry standards.

Transitioning above the water line, our methodology seamlessly integrates modern technological solutions to ensure the comprehensive examination of foundation components. Our array of equipment includes:

  • drones, renowned for their aerial precision.
  • rope access techniques, which provide access to intricate areas with precision and efficiency.
  • Magnetic crawlers, a versatile solution that navigates the foundation structure, thereby facilitating close visual inspections.

Each of these advanced tools is meticulously supplied by MDB Marine, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in our inspections.

It is noteworthy that our approach to maintenance adheres to a discerning strategy tailored to the unique attributes of each foundation type. The maintenance regimen is expertly customised based on the specific requirements of the project, ultimately promoting the long-term sustainability and operational efficiency of the wind farms. This targeted approach to maintenance underscores our commitment to precision and cost-effectiveness, aligning with the client’s operational goals.

The essence of MDB Marine’s commitment lies in facilitating a harmonious and efficient realisation of wind farm installations. Through our adept services, bolstered by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, we stand prepared to elevate your project’s success. The future of sustainable energy beckons, and we are honoured to be a pivotal contributor to its fruition.

To explore the bespoke solutions that MDB Marine can offer in harmony with your wind farm installation project, we invite you to take the next step. By clicking the button below, you initiate a connection with our dedicated team. One of our seasoned representatives will promptly engage with you, offering a comprehensive understanding of our capabilities and working collaboratively to align our services with your project’s distinct requirements.


Fixed Foundations

There are two types of foundations that will require different type of inspections.With a monopile, ROV inspections of the J-tube and cabling may be required along with UT and CP readings.

Jackets may require general/close visual inspections on all the welds of the lattice-work that makes up the jacket. Cathodic protection and Ultrasonic readings may also be required.


Floating Foundations

Anchor chains are used to hold the foundation in place.These will require cleaning, inspection and photogrammetry at determined intervals. MDB Marine have many years experience in this field, meaning all the teething issues and lessons learned have been ironed out. This gives our clients a reliable, efficient way of completing the scope in a timely manner.