Our Services

MDB Marine has been operating for 10 years in the renewables and oil & gas sector in the UK and Europe

2D & 3D Mapping

Our scanner maps out the sea bed by using sound pulses that bounce of the sea floor and back to the unit.

Ballast Tanks

All footage is captured in 4k providing the client with clear and detailed footage, which can be paused, zoomed.

Caisson & Riser

Inspections are carried out by access through the moon pool, or either side of the vessel, captured by a 4K camera.

Cathodic Protection

The cathodic protection unit is attached to the Pro4. All readings are then transferred through the umbilical and displayed on screen.

Crawler Cleaning

Crawler Inspection can be carried out above and below sea level. These are perfect when sea conditions are out of limits for other types of ROV’s.

Internal Pipe Inspections

Internal Pipe Inspections are carried out utilising our pipe crawlers. The units have adjustable legs to suit the internal pipe dimensions.


The conventional method of cleaning a mooring line can be costly, by means of dragging the line onboard an anchor handler vessel, cleaned, inspected, then lowered and re-tightened.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning is carried out by attaching the hose and lance to the ROV. The high pressure hose is then attached to the power washer, that is kept on board.


We carry out inspections that cover the propulsion systems of any vessel. This would include the propeller, thrusters, stern tubes and all associated bracketry and Keels.


Ultrasonic Inspection is carried out by the use of a thickens gauge that is attached to either the Magnetic crawler or the Pro 4.


With the installation of the turbines, MDB Marine can assist with the survey of the sea bed, foundation positioning and connection checks with the floating foundations.

Client Representatives

We now offer the service of client representative.

Our personnel are highly trained in their field of expertise and have over 10 years of experience.